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About Us

Each year, in America alone, allergic reactions to food lead to 200,000 emergency room  visits, often because people forget their allergy medication at home. Severe reactions, called anaphylactic reactions, can be fatal if not immediately treated with epinephrine. This is where SercaCase comes in. With its sleek, lightweight design, SercaCase combines an iPhone case and an Auvi-Q epinephrine injector holder so that kids and adults with food allergies are safe wherever they go. 

Our blog is meant to show the experience of three high school students as they participate in their state legislation, make a product, and launch their own business in order to make a change in the world. We post on a bi-monthly basis.

Lilia Vine, Maia Coplit, and Robert Vine

The SercaCase Team

A photo of the team during a meeting


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The team during a meeting
February 2024 Leadership Spotlight: Creating the SercaCase
Food Allergy Research and Education
Lilia and Maia at the State House

Voices of Change: 6 Students Behind New Food Allergy Laws
Allergic Living

The team sitting together

How three Greenwich teens helped pass a CT bill on food allergies
Greenwich Times

The team standing together

Trio of GHS Students Fight Back against Food Allergies with Legislation and Invention
Greenwich Free Press


FARE event logo

2024 FARE Courage at Congress: Advocate for a Cure
Lobbyists to CT State Senators

Lilia and Robert with attendees of the event

Black History Month Community Health Event

SercaCase poster at the event

Feeding Community Health
Featured Product

The team with fellow panelists

2023 FARE Conference
Kaléo Panelists and TAG Presenters

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