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In mid-October, our entire Sercacase team flew down to Florida for the FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) Summit. While we were there, we got introduced to some amazing people and their allergy products/projects. The whole team split up and went to different panel discussions, while also visiting the many different product tables and talking to the people running them. We learned about new medical innovations for food allergies, like the epinephrine nose spray, and also learned about some food allergy friendly books, foods, and fundraising projects. Lilia, Robert, and I were also able to speak on a panel about food allergy advocacy work along with Lianne Mandelbum and Thomas Silvera, led by Gary Riddle. Everyone we worked with on the panel was so inspiring. Ms. Mandelbaum’s work for food allergy safety on airlines was really extraordinary, and some of her stories about airlines and food allergies were outrageous. The work she’s doing is necessary, and her determination to make airlines safer for people with food allergies is very admirable. Thomas Silvera’s advocacy work and founding of the Elijah Foundation is very moving, and he also has the same determination to help that Ms. Mandelbaum has. He took a great tragedy and loss and turned it into a way to help others by creating a safer daycare environment for children with food allergies. After finishing the panel discussion, we talked to some members of the audience who shared their stories as well. Later on in the day we took part in the poster presentation and were able to tell people about our product while also meeting other teens and learning about their food allergy advocacy. Overall, it was a day full of meeting amazing new people who also want to help the food allergy community in any way they can. 

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Mar 02
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What an amazing experience!

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