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Designing the Product

The process of creating a product is not easy, even if the idea may seem clear or simple, there are many ways in which the design can be sabotaged through overlooked aspects. When designing our product, SercaCase, the solution seemed simple at first. The idea was to attach something to a phone case that could hold an Auvi-Q. However, I soon realized the variability in this task, and every little decision could have a huge impact. If even one measurement were to be off, hundreds of dollars could easily be wasted in manufacturing the product. Knowing this, I had to work hard to make sure all the measurements were not even a millimeter off, which of course led to long periods of time trying to work out every dimension and measurement of the design. There were also variables in what material was to be used. After doing hours of research, we decided on silicone, a material that could more easily grip on to the Auvi Q and would keep it more secure while providing the luxury of keeping the design simple. It took a lot of pro and con weighing along with problem-solving to come up some optimized features that we believe could make the product stronger, but all in all, the effort and time put into coming up with the final design through many prototypes and rough drafts were worth it for a product I know me and my fellow teammates are very proud of.

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