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How To Come Up With Marketing Materials

From the very birth of SercaCase, I was coming up with slogans. The first was the name itself. I had come up with a list of names, mostly from various minor mythological deities, but none of them seemed to make sense; as my brother and Maia pointed out, names such as HeraCase and Kamrusepa were far removed from your average American’s consciousness. Unfortunately, beyond the list of gods that I had come up with, none of us could think of anything, and our predicament was clear to see during a series of very unproductive meetings. Finally, we decided to revisit the initial list after Robert had the brilliant idea of simply changing the spelling. We decided to turn SerketCase (named after the Egyptian goddess of healing scorpion stings) into SerceCase, which sounded much more usable but still didn’t have much connection to the product itself and was unrecognizable to the American audience. At that point, Maia realized that Spanish cerca, meaning close, was very similar to Serce. We decided to combine hers and Robert’s ideas to call the product Serca: a spell-change of CercaCase.

The marketing was far easier: this time, the problem wasn’t having no ideas. It was having too many of them. Unfortunately, many of these ideas were completely incoherent: ER or Serca; wORry or; Joe the truck driver. Others were lines we imitated radio show hosts reading aloud: Watch Out, There’s a Serca About! and Keep it Serca. Keep it Close. Bring safety with you, wherever you go. My favorites, which I hold onto hope beyond hope that we will use someday, are the jingles: SercaCase: To not swell up your throat and face; SercaCase: So you don’t end up in a better place; SercaCase: Like a warm embrace; SercaCase: Never misplace.

We actually ended up using the last one, and you can see it on the landing page of our website. What we learned from the process was something that would come back to aid us through the whole process: brainstorming is always helpful, no matter which part of the project you’re doing. It also taught us that we need to be careful with brainstorming because it can end up a colossal waste of time.

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