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Meeting with Representative Robin Comey

Representative Robin Comey is a champion of allergy safety in the House, having passed legislation for effective food allergy policy and management in CT and being in the process of passing bills for health insurance coverage of epinephrine, readily available epinephrine in childcare services, and, most importantly to us, СТ HB05902: An Act Requiring Food Allergy Awareness In Restaurants. She’d been trying to pass the same allergy bill since 2017, submitting it four times and not getting anywhere. The last time, the list of potentially life-saving measures had been whittled down to a poster in the kitchen.

Perhaps I should have been intimidated by Rep. Comey’s accomplishments and status, but she was surprisingly approachable.

After a few weeks of emails between the three of us and Rep. Comey, we spoke to her over the phone. She outlined the problems to us and explained that she would soon be presenting the bill again and that it would be helpful if we testified with our experiences. We are excited to do so and have already begun preparing our statements.

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