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Our First Allergy Outreach Event: Black History Month

We had our first community outreach event on February 21, and it was a great start to our efforts! We had been trying to organize a community outreach event for months now, where we’d go out, particularly into underserved communities, and educate others on allergies and how to properly treat them and how to most affordably acquire medication. This event was in honor of Black History Month and was held at a community center in the Bronx. We loved connecting to the event attendees and telling them about our phone cases, getting them onto our mailing list, and educating them about allergies.

The event also served as an eye-opener on just how prevalent serious food allergies are. Two of the people I spoke to there knew people that had died because they did not have access to epinephrine — and this was at an event for those OUTSIDE the allergy advocacy communities we had grown accustomed to interacting with. We shared with them our phone case SercaCase, which ensured that you have epinephrine with you no matter where you go. Special thanks to the lovely, energetic and boundlessly helpful Diane Arroya from Jacobi hospital for all her help!

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